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Report 2009 - PT Austin - Riccardo Tessitori
Articolo del 15-11-2009 a cura di Tessitori Riccardo
Tessitori Riccardo

Good morning to everybody.

Another international event, another report, in this very busy autumn (Prague, Austin, Paris, Rome. I want to stay home!!)

Policy change, policy change and again policy change
This time I won't talk about rules situations and tournament situations, because there are many mails and articles about it.

What I would like to talk about is the frequency of the policy changes; infractions get grouped differently (think about Game Play Errors or Playing against the Wrong Opponent or Drawing Extra Cards), penalties change (think about Outside Assistance and what was called Drawing Extra Cards), tournament procedures changes.

Did you know that I can't cut my deck anymore after my opponent shuffles it? I discovered after publicly replying "Of course you can" and having a fellow judge reply "Look at the updated document". what a shame ^__^

Do you know the reason why these changes happen?

Let's pretend for a moment that we are aware of all the changes and that we understand the reasons; it's now our responsibility to share what we know with our judge friends (and players too) who don't read mailing lists and articles and updated documents as often as we do.

In the last months I've been hearing many judges requesting a kind of article that describes and gives the reasons behind all the recent changes; of course, this article should be easy to find.

There have been many changes in the Judge Program in the last few months and there will always be; let's see in six months if it will be easier to keep track of all policy changes and understand them and help the other judges to be aware of them.

Three advancements
Congratulations to Eli Shiffrin, one of our rules Gurus, who passed his L3 interview.

And, in case you are not on Facebook, on IRC, or you haven't found it in the Judge Center or at the last GPs (Paris and Minneapolis), the Judge Program has two new L4s: Carlos Ho and Ingrid Lind-Jahn; describing these two awesome judges and persons in a few lines would be improper; if you met and worked and talked with them, you know how much they deserved such a public recognition!

Special award to: Jason Lemahieu
Seminars were managed by Jason Lemahieu, L3 from the United States.

In addition of leading his team at the main event with enthusiasm and showing great awareness of how things should be handled, Jason excellently prepared the seminars in a very short time and I bet we will read his name many other times in the future.

A tournament dedicated to: all the judges who will make history in Rome
We are just a few days away from Worlds 2009 in Rome, where more than 2500 players are expected, to make Worlds 2009 the biggest event of all times (even more than the terrific Worlds 2006 in Paris with about 2400 unique players and a total of 14000 participations).

It won't be only the biggest event ever for the number of players; it will be the biggest for the number of judges too!

More than 100 judges are coming to the Eternal City to be part of Magic history; good luck to all of them and to the head judge Sheldon Menery!

Good bye reports
Two years have passed since my first public report (it was December 2007 and it was GP Stuttgart and Worlds in New York); in these two years, I had the honor to participate to many great and enjoyable events and I wrote fourteen reports, because I'm convinced that sharing our experiences is one of the best ways to improve as judges and as people, in addition to giving a stronger group feeling.

I would like to thank all the people who read the reports, who privately wrote to me with comments and who followed this example and writing their own event reports.

Today we have other, better instruments like the Live Blog and the "Judge!" newsletter and I think it's time for me to retire from writing this reports and look for other ways to contribute for a better Judge Program; I already have a few ideas, I will always be listening for all your advice.

. and this, for a very long time, is my final ruling!

Riccardo Tessitori