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Job Announcement - DCIJUDGE List Monthly Summaries
Articolo del 10-1-2011 a cura di Tessitori Riccardo
Tessitori Riccardo

Good afternoon to everybody; today, I would like to introduce to you an initiative (or “project”, if you prefer this word), with the goals of both informing you about the current status and finding some more people interested in working on it.
I would be pleased if the regional coordinators (or any local judge forum administrator) could forward this to the local forums or mailing lists, thank you.
In the last years, the Italian judges have been working on monthly summaries of this mailing list (in Italian, of course); feedback from our judges has been very positive and, starting from January 2011, we would like to try to make this project international: writing these summaries in English too and involving judges from other countries.
I'm looking for people who are interested in this project; I believe the appropriate number of people regularly working on this is two to four, and there are no limits about the level (from 0 to emeritus ^__^).
There are a few important requirements:
  • This is not a “one-shot” project; this is a continuous project which requires a few hours per month and spans over a minimum of six months (at the end of June, we will check the success of this initiative and determine if it will be worth continuing or not)
  • It's about efficiently communicating; ability to explain thoughts and prioritizing topics is fundamental; formatting the document (links are mandatory; pictures are a nice extra) is important.
If you want to take a look at what this is today (judges who speak Spanish, Portuguese and French will be able to understand the content too, while all the others will have a glimpse about the structure, the links, and the pictures), here you have the direct links to the last three:
Here you can read the current definition/introduction to this project:
What are the goals of the monthly summaries?
Some of us read all the mails from the DCIJudge mailing list, which is one of the official channels of communication, but I believe that most of the judges haven't enough time or have language issues and therefore choose not to read the mailing list, counting on the other judges (their regional coordinator, their local forums, IRC, discussions during PTQs or local events) to inform them about the most important news.
These summaries are specifically oriented to these judges; they are short enough to allow a quick read, once a month, or a quick catch up for a judge who had to suspend his activity for several months, in just a few minutes. Those who find an interesting topic will then be able to check the mailing list archives, in case they want to read the entire discussion, or contact the people mentioned in the summaries to receive more details.
Only mentioned are the “official and important announcements”, which have a dedicated section and are reported as they originally were written (and often translated into other languages ^__^).
What topics are included in these monthly summaries?
Community news, policy discussions, software tools, projects updates.
Who works on these summaries?
I would like to say “all the judges”, because the content comes from all the judges who participate to the discussions on the mailing list, anyone can submit feedback to the authors to improve this service.
The judge in charge of this section is: TBD
The judges who are regularly contributing to this section are: TBD
Most frequent questions about this initiative:
In 2010, the Italian summary has been prepared by Daniele Monterisi and Donato Del Giudice in doc format, with all the links and the pictures, and then uploaded to the website by Mirko Console; for the 2011 English version, Daniele and Donato will work together with the foreign judges interested, and I will take care of the upload.
Some people will be working on creating the summaries, while others will be working on the translations; if you are willing to just translate, you can join this group (in this case, I take this opportunity to remind you that Juan Del Compare has been in the last years the focal point for all the DCI translations).
In addition to writing the summaries, the team takes care of forwarding the important announcements to the local mailing list (for example, through the regional coordinators) and to the translators (and then uploaded to the website); at the beginning, I will upload the announcements to the website; other translations into other languages already exist (Spanish for sure, thanks to Franco Bonazza) and the DCIrules website will be another appropriate recipient for all the announcement and translations (in addition to any link to any page we will be suggested).
After an initial period, we will consider expanding this activity to create an efficient “links” page and an efficient “download” page.
In the first three months, I will be actively involved in contributing to the summaries and to the general organization; then, after a trial period of six months, it will be my desire to leave the entire work to the team.
If you are interested in working on this project, please write to me privately (; the team will be formed by the 15th of January and the first summary will be posted by the 10th of February (which is the Paris magic Weekend!).
Riccardo Tessitori